Educating Our Patients

All of our staff is knowledgeable and experienced. We educate our patients on all procedures to the point of comfortabilitly and understanding.

If you are a patient that develops concerns or questions, we make a consistent effort to communicate and put your mind at ease. Patient education strengthens our relationships and leaves everyone realizing we have your best interest at heart.

As part of are committment to improving the oral healthcare knowledge of our patients, we are providing the following selection of dental education topics which we hope you will find interesting and informative. We have grouped the material into various categories to provide quick access to the topics of greatest interest to you.

Please contact our dental office if you have any questions or would like to schedule an appointment.

Dental Glossary
Dental Implant
Diabetes and Oral Health
Dry Mouth (Xerostomia)
Fluoride and Your Health
Gum Disease
Halitosis (Bad Breath)
Infection Control in the Dental Office
Invisalign/Clear Correct Braces
Latex Allergy
MDI Implants
Men's Oral Health
Nourishing Your Smile
Oral Health and Your Heart
Oral Health for Seniors
Orofacial Pain
Pregnancy and Gingivitis
Root Canal Therapy
Sensitive Teeth
Tooth Decay
Whitening - KöR Whitening FAQs
Wisdom Teeth
Women's Dental Health
Everything You Wanted to Know about Gum Disease But Were Afraid to Ask

Kor Whitening (
Dental Patient Education - Implant 3D video
Lumineers by Cerinate - No Pain, No Grind, No Shot